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Welcome to Dlbeen Group

We are an Iraqi conglomerate with operations in Pharmaceuticals, Construction, and Beverages. Our core business is registering, importing, promoting, and distributing high-quality products to make our people’s lives better and safer. With headquarters in Erbil and offices in Baghdad, Sulaymaniyah, and Maysan, Dlbeen Grpup is a key partner for several International companies. The owners run the business.

Dlbeen Group at a Glance

Founded in 2018 by passionate entrepreneurs.
Boasts a workforce of 132 employees.
Headquartered in Erbil, in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
Specializing in a professional registration, strategic promotion, and effective distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
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Our Vision

We are dedicated to contributing to the adornment of quality of life around the country by providing high-quality products and services that improve and enhance human lives and add outstanding value to consumers.

Our Mission

We endeavour to be a fast-growing, proliferative, professional company that is open to various kinds of business models and will be a market leader in the fields we operate. We strive to pursue our main goals to serve our people.

Our Values

We are guided by our commitment to serving human life. Our adherence to business ethics, justice, honesty, frankness, and transparency is identically important to us, as is to attain business success and prosperity.

Ethical Foundations

Devoted to Human:

The purpose of our businesses is to respect the human values that lead us to a community where humans are highly appreciated.

Partnership Values:

We identify the common values with our partners to agree on the qualities. We act with integrity that strengthens our partnership.

Committed to Growth:

Our business is based on growth, which allows us to achieve better results. The team always aspires to work for a major corporation.
Medical Event

Dlbeen Group Unveils Potafast in Erbil

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Marketing Campaign

A New Revolution for Smiling

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