To the People, to the Humanity

What We Do

Dlbeen aims to make a lasting impact on the job market and enhance various sectors in Iraq and the surrounding region. We are focusing on three main areas crucial for human well-being and societal progress. Firstly, We are deeply involved in the pharmaceutical sector, serving as a major distributor for several European pharmaceutical manufacturers, supplying major products to the Iraqi market. Secondly, Dlbeen is venturing into the construction sector, aiming to introduce innovative projects that meet international standards and contribute to the development of the region. Lastly, Dlnsheen, a significant division of Dlbeen, has identified a gap in Iraq's food and beverage market and is now a leading distributor for European beverage brands across the country. Through our expertise in these sectors, Dlbeen seeks to bring about positive change and rejuvenate various aspects of life in the region.


Dlbeen excels in the registration of premium pharmaceuticals and cutting-edge medical devices, achieving the registration of nine production sites in 2023.

Distribution Network

As a strategic partner to European pharmaceutical companies, Dlbeen ensures efficient distribution of innovative products in both Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices sectors.


● Dlbeen boasts high-standard warehouses accommodating over 3,500 European pallets.
● Our commitment to punctual deliveries is upheld by a modern fleet of 2023 refrigerated trucks